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Impact Xtra

Impact Xtra at St Johns Church, Ainsdale

Impact Xtra meets on Wednesdays during term time between 4.30 and 6pm.

It provides the opportunity for those who have gone on to different high schools to return, on familiar ground, and meet up with old friends and experience some energetic games and team challenges.

Impact Xtra forms an important part of our mission as we continue to encourage the children leaving our church school in the Christian faith as they move on to the senior schools in our area.

Over the past year we have had an average of 18 young people each week when we meet on Wednesdays between 4.30 and 6pm.

Some just enjoy a chat in the Youth Room whilst others pursue more energetic activities! Everyone is encouraged to join in the team games. The "Food Station" is also a very popular part of each session.

With many of our school leavers joining the group in September, Graham and Linda need more help in order to comply with 'Safeguarding Guide-lines.'

We would ask you to consider prayerfully whether you feel able to help – even on a rota basis – and, if you would like to know more about IMPACT XTRA please speak to either Graham or Linda.

Several of the children from last year's Year 6 at school have joined the group. Some of our regulars are now in Years 8 and 9, even a few Y10s at high school and are enthusiastic about the sessions - often providing good ideas for new activities and helping in settling in the "newies" and bringing friends from their different schools to join us.

Members enjoy energetic games and team challenges but also an opportunity to "chill out" in our Youth Room with friends. The team challenges result in great competitiveness - especially if there are prizes for the winners!

Of course, the "Feeding Station" is a favourite part of our sessions and well anticipated. As always, there are never any left-overs and we try to comply with requests. This year Nutella on everything - biscuits, toast, cakes, etc. (maybe not on pizzas or hot dogs!)) seems to be favourite!

During the year we have hired the Methodist minibus for trips to Ocean Plaza for Laser Quest and Bowling, followed by a Macdonalds "tea". More trips are planned for this coming year and a film night and, possibly, a sleepover in the Church Hall - if Graham and I can summon up enough energy! We would like also to take our young people for a repeat visit to Fort Rocky, a Christian Adventure Centre.

It would be wonderful to have more leaders to work alongside us with the young people and we would like to take this opportunity to ask whether you know of anyone who might consider being able to help with the group - even if only an a rota basis.

We can assure you that it is very worthwhile and lots of fun!

Graham Birch and Linda Davies

Impact Extra

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