Vicars & Curates / Assistants

1881-1885 Rev. J.D. Cannon (Curate in Charge)
1887-1906 Rev. Robert O. Greep (Curate in Charge & Vicar)
1907-1911 Rev. Alfred E. Drew (Vicar)
1911-1918 Rev. George Z. Edwards (Vicar)
1917-1918 Rev. J Herschell-Hall (Curate)
1919-1937 Rev. William Webster (Vicar)
1924-1927 Rev. Gaskell Exton Hon. (Curate)
1936-1937 Rev. William Watt (Curate)
1937-1966 Rev. Canon Anthony Dixon (Vicar)
1964-1966 Rev. Blair Orr (Curate)
1966-1982 Rev. John E. Morris (Vicar)
1967-1968 Rev. Kenneth Still (Curate)
1969-1971 Rev. Paul Messenger (Curate)
1973-1976 Rev. Stuart Baxter (Curate)
1977-1979 Rev. Kelvin Powell (Curate)
1979-1980 Rev. Philip Roberts (Curate)
1980-1983 Rev. Ian Blyde (Curate)
1983-1989 Rev. Canon John M. Goodchild (Vicar)
1983-1986 Rev. Clive Kirke (Curate)
1986-1990 Rev. Janet Eastwood (Curate)
1990-1998 Rev. Anthony Renshaw (Vicar)
1990-1996 Rev. Ursula Shone (Assistant)
1999-2007 Rev. Alan Overend (Vicar)
2000-2004 Rev. Janet Fletcher (Curate)
2007-Present Rev. Graham Birch (Vicar)

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