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Types Of Service

Ainsdale St Johns Church - Special Services

Sunday Services are currently held in the Church Hall while our church is closed. Parade Services and certain other large services are held in the School Hall.

Our worship reflects a wide range of services to hopefully enable worshippers to find the one that best meets their needs.The following section describes the different services and the pattern of worship.

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What We Believe As Christians

What We Believe As Christians at St John's Church Ainsdale

Christian life is lived in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and, with the support and encouragement of other Christians, we seek to deepen that relationship and to follow the way that Jesus taught.

Central to that relationship is knowing we can trust God.  Saint Paul says at the end of the eighth chapter of his letter to the Church in Rome, 'if God is for us, who can be against us?' And this is the heart of the Christian faith.


Our Worship

Worship at St John's Church Ainsdale

St John’s has a large variety of services which reflect the different traditions in today’s church as we believe that being able to come together to worship God in a style that is suitable for us.

Some people prefer quiet reflective services whilst others enjoy singing or being able to worship together with their young children. All the styles of worship at St John’s are considered to be equally important and each hope to encourage people to grow in the Christian faith and to draw closer to God.


What Is Mission & Vision

What Is Mission & Vision at St John's Church Ainsdale

A Church’s vision presents a picture of what the Church and its community will be like and acts as a source of inspiration for all Church members. A Church’s mission defines the fundamental purpose of the Church. It describes why it exists and what actions the Church members will undertake to achieve their vision.


St John's Vision & Mission

St John's Vision & Mission

The above has resulted in the following Vision for St John’s Church:

“Sharing God’s Love, Serving One Another”

The Mission of St John’s Church focuses on families and is:

“Demonstrating God’s love by supporting families throughout their lives: as children; as adults; as parents; and when they need someone to just listen, such as at times of bereavement.




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