For children     


This week at home     with  children's activities   (just click on wording to expand)

Crazy at home road show

Salt & Light - Playtime 

Little worship

Activities for Pentecost                                                 

See here - for Little Church                                                       

Museum activity                                                              

Breakfast with Aesop                                                            

Little Worship Time                                                              

Little Bible Time                                                             


 All ages

Open the box - Support and Resource conversations  

Worship for families

  Adults at home

  Families at home

  Fruit salad prayer

 Resources for the church community during Trinity

 Families at home 

 My school - My lighthouse  (courtesy of St John's Primary school)

 Resource for families    during Trinity

 The Passion of Christ 

 The Passion of Christ (family sheet)

 Jesus washing feet and The Last Supper  



Hello from the Roots Team


A big Thank You to all those that sent in photos for our Supaclub event during our recent service, and a reminder that there are lots of activities for both younger and older SUPACLUB members on this link to ROOTS materials   see here

                                                           Esmae, Jacob,  Jude  and  Isaac