Roof Raisers!

On Yer Bike! Update With Photos

On Yer Bike! Update

It is great to report to you all that my Bike ride was completed successfully on 1st June as planned and that I actually even enjoyed doing it as well!

On what turned to out to be a perfect day for cycling (thanks Lord!) I started the ride on the Sunday morning, leaving the Vicarage just after 5.30am. I passed through Preston and continued on to my first arranged stopping point at Garstang, just over 50km into the ride. This was a wonderful part of the ride as I was accompanied all the way with birdsong and saw numerous rabbits and squirrels along the side of the road due to the lack of traffic – I was only overtaken by approximately a dozen vehicles in this whole section!


On Yer Bike! Vicar Graham's Latest Fundraising Challenge

On Yer Bike! Vicar Graham's Latest Fundraising Challenge

Following a recent conversation with a parishioner, who suggested to the Vicar that he should ‘get on his bike’, Graham has decided to take up the challenge to do just that!

On Sunday 1st June at around 6.00am Graham will be leaving Ainsdale on a solo bike ride from St John’s Church, Ainsdale and aiming to reach Gretna Green later on the same day. This will be a distance of exactly 200km (and quite a few climbs) and he is hoping (and praying) that he will be able to complete it in around 7-8 hours, aiming to finish the ride early on the Sunday afternoon.


Plucky Pensioners Challenge

Ken Poulton's Sponsored Walk

Ken Poulton chose to celebrate his 84th birthday by walking the 21 mile Sefton Coastal walk from Crossens to Waterloo, to raise money for the St John’s Church Ainsdale Development Fund.

Supported and encouraged by his wife Muriel, Ken completed the challenging course over three days following his birthday on the 18th April.


Sponsored Toddle with Photos

Sponsored Toddle for Ainsdale St Johns Church

The children who took part in the toddle were Amelia, Jack, Matthew, Alex, baby James and baby Isla.

Jack and Matthew did a great job collecting £55 from people in the village as we toddled through Ainsdale.

Each child got their family and friends to sponsor them. Members of the church have also sponsored, so we are yet to know the total amount.


Southport Orchestra Concert

Roof Raisers Event

Southport Orchestra - Concert on 2 March 2013

At the Salvation Army Citadel

“A Musical Soirée”

The Southport Orchestra certainly raised the roof for St John’s Ainsdale Parish Church at a concert given to assist the Church’s Development Fund ; what a great opening piece - Franz von Suppé’s Poet and Peasant Overture!

The Church building is currently closed with all services being held in the Parish Hall awaiting sufficient funds to replace the roof and reorder the inside of the Church.


An Evening of Entertainment at St John Stone

Fundraising at St John's Church AinsdaleWhat an evening was put on for us by our friends at St John Stone!

If you were of a certain age Jamie & His Band pitched their evening’s entertainment in large part at the “baby boomers” in the audience; this was an evening of sing-a-long and dance for all!

For almost three hours there were ballads, old standards and plenty of 60’s “rock ‘n roll” all of which was much enjoyed by an audience of between 170-200 people from both churches together with their friends.

We can only express our sincere thanks to St John Stone for such a wonderful evening of friendship and dance; Father Bernard, on behalf of his Church, was able to donate to the Development Fund a magnificent total of £2,030.

Vicar's Triathlon

Just A Sample Image

St John’s Church Ainsdale needs a new roof. The building has been closed since November 2011 and services are being held in the church hall while the money is raised to re-roof and reorder the church.

The Vicar of St John’s Church Ainsdale, Reverend Graham Birch raised £3150 towards the church Development Fund on Sunday 9th September when he completed not just a swim or a run or a bike ride but all three!


Vicar Hits The Heights!

Just A Sample Image

When a large chunk of plaster fell off the ceiling of St John’s Church Ainsdale during 9.30 am communion in August, Graham Birch the intrepid vicar did more than climb a ladder to inspect the church roof.

On 16th September in order to raise money for repairs to the church he launched himself from a small platform high on the west wall of  Liverpool Cathedral and abseiled to the ground.


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