What We Believe As Christians

What We Believe As Christians

What We Believe As Christians at St John's Church Ainsdale

Christian life is lived in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and, with the support and encouragement of other Christians, we seek to deepen that relationship and to follow the way that Jesus taught.

Central to that relationship is knowing we can trust God.  Saint Paul says at the end of the eighth chapter of his letter to the Church in Rome, 'if God is for us, who can be against us?' And this is the heart of the Christian faith.

How do we know that 'God is for us'? Because Jesus Christ, the one human being who is completely in tune with God, has carried the burden of our sinfulness and our turning away from God. He let himself be betrayed and crucified but death did not succeed in silencing him or removing him from the world.  He rose from the dead and is alive today - and that means that his love is alive, having survived the worst we can do.

Nothing - says St Paul in the same passage - can separate us from this love.  But this isn't an excuse for doing what we like, knowing we can get away with it.  Once we know that God is 'for us' we have the responsibility to receive the gift that God wants to give us – the Holy Spirit - which enables us to serve one-another and to bring God’s love to them. If we have really taken the Christian message in, we shall live lives of selfless generosity, always asking how the gifts given us - material or imaginative or spiritual or whatever - can be shared in a way that brings other people to know God’s love themselves.  

Generosity, gratitude, confidence that when we fail we are still loved - all of this focused on Jesus' life and death and resurrection.  That's where we start in the lifelong job of being a Christian.

You can find out a lot more about the history of Anglicanism and of what we believe as Anglicans on the Church of England website: http://www.churchofengland.org/

You can also find out more about the Diocese of Liverpool here: http://www.liverpool.anglican.org/

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